PHIL 200

Philosophy of Mind


This course is an introduction to some recent developments in the philosophy of mind which intersect with cognitive science. Cognitive science is an interdisciplinary approach to the mind that covers several disciplines including psychology, neuroscience, computer science and philosophy, and is premised on the assumption that the mind is an information processor.

In this course, we will cover four themes at this intersection: (1) mental representation, (2) cognition, (3) perception and (4) emotion.

In particular, we will tackle questions like, How does the mind represent the world? Is the architecture of the human mind modular? Does cognition affect perception? And given our answers to these questions, how should we understand the nature of emotions?

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Availability 2024

Not taught in 2024




Course work only


PHIL 200: 15 points


30 points in Philosophy, or 60 points


PHIL 320