Faculty of Arts

PHIL 315

Topics in Applied Logic


This course is an introduction to first-order modal and its applications. The first part of the course is devoted to propositional modal logic. You will learn basic techniques of modal logics: possible world (Kripke) semantics, tableaux and axiomatics. We will consider some metatheoretical results, focusing on completeness. In the second half, you will learn how to extend basic modal logic with first-order quantifiers. Throughout the semester, we will consider applications of modal logic to philosophical problems, especially in metaphysics.

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Availability 2017

Semester 2


Coordinator(s) Dr Patrick Girard


Melvin Fitting and Richard L. Mendelsohn, First-Order Modal Logic (Kluwer Academic Publisher, 1999)


Coursework only


PHIL 315: 15.0 points


15 points from PHIL 222, 216 or 266

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