PHIL 728

Political Philosophy 1

Please note: this is archived course information from 2022 for PHIL 728.


In this course in 2021 we focus on issues concerning migration and justice. We analyze questions such as the following: If human beings have a right to freedom of movement or association, does this entail that they ought to be free to migrate and settle wherever they choose?  Does the commitment to the moral equality of all human beings mean that national borders should generally be open?   What responsibilities do we have to refugees seeking safe haven? What kinds of criteria may states permissibly use in formulating selection and citizenship policies? Does justice require regularizing the status of those who have been living in the state in ways deemed to be unlawful under certain conditions? Are there normative constraints on how destination countries may treat their “guest workers” from other countries and if so, what are they? May governments ever defensibly restrict out-migration, preventing its citizens from leaving the territory, as the Soviet Union once did? 



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PHIL 728: 15 points