Faculty of Arts

PHIL 746

Philosophy of Mind 2


This is an advanced course on the philosophy of emotion. We will ask questions about the nature of emotions, e.g., What are they? Are they more like judgements or perceptions? Are emotions as diverse as fear and love really the same kind of thing? How are emotions produced? Are they produced by cognition or by evolved mechanisms? And what contribution, if any, do they make to human rationality?

In answering these questions, we will take a philosophical approach that is informed by recent scientific discoveries, especially in evolutionary developmental psychology. We will also reflect on these answers, and examine the possible limitations of our approach.

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Availability 2020

Not taught in 2020


Lecturer(s) Dr Raamy Majeed


Griffiths Paul E., (1997). What Emotions Really Are: The Problem of Psychological Categories. University of Chicago Press.

Recommended Reading

Deonna, Julien A. & Teroni, Fabrice (2011). The Emotions: A Philosophical Introduction. Routledge.

Goldie, Peter (2000). The Emotions: A Philosophical Exploration. Oxford University Press.

Price, Carolyn (2015). Emotion. Polity.


PHIL 746: 15.0 points

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