Faculty of Arts

PHIL 762

God and Morality


The course explores recent work in analytic philosophy at the boundaries between moral philosophy, philosophy of religion and metaphysics. We will focus on the following two questions: What is the relationship between God and morality? What is the relationship between immortality and morality? Specific topics may include: divine command ethics, God and objective value, the ethics of religious ambiguity, divine virtue ethics, Kant’s moral arguments for God and immortality, God and equality, the desirability of immortality, whether immortality is necessary for morality, Idealism and immortality and Sidgwick’s dualism and parapsychology. 

Availability 2020

Not taught in 2020


Coordinator(s) Professor John Bishop
Lecturer(s) Professor Timothy Mulgan

Recommended Reading

There is no set text. Students interested in the course might look at the following:

-        Adams, R. M., Finite and Infinite Goods: A Framework for Ethics, Oxford University Press, 2002.

-        Bishop, J., Believing by Faith, Oxford University Press, 2007.

-        Mulgan, T., Purpose in the Universe, Oxford University Press, 2015.

-        Zagzebski, L., Divine Motivation Theory, Cambridge University Press, 2004.


PHIL 762: 15.0 points

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