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Political Marketing


This is a cutting edge research-led course which introduces students to how candidates, parties, elected officials and governments around the world utilise marketing concepts and tools to win elections and remain in office. Drawing on the latest international political marketing research available, this course examines a wide range of political marketing topics including the rise of the political consumer, market intelligence and segmentation, opposition research, e-marketing, direct mail, market-orientation and strategy, internal marketing, product re-development, branding, local political marketing, marketing in government, delivery and global knowledge transfer.


The course focuses on preparing students for the workplace by developing skills such as:

  • Political skills– understanding of current issues through discussing current political situations and behaviour
  • Policy skills– understands context, applies objective reasoning, well-reasoned advice through writing the Political Marketing Advisory Report
  • Advisory skills – such as impartial neutral analysis and producing high quality reports by evaluating contemporary political behaviour using academic theory rather than personal opinion in the Political Marketing Advisory Report
  • Analytical skills- can project future issues/scenarios through discussions and case study/report assignments
  • Interpersonal skills– peer learning through small group work in seminars
  • Leadership/Teaching skills– for those who become discussion leaders and show team leadership and help generate new ideas and facilitate learning
  • Writing skills - report writing through the Political Marketing Advisory Report and the employability session on report writing
  • Professional workplace attributes– such as reliability, adaptability, ability to work independently, respond well to feedback and agility; through the courses stricter policies; new style assignments through the case studies and report and learning cross-disciplinary theories and analysis


100% coursework

Availability 2020

Not offered in 2020; planned for 2021


Coordinator(s) Associate Professor Jennifer Lees-Marshment

Recommended Reading

Review the textbook Political Marketing: Principle and Applications, 2nd ed. (Routledge 2014) and see www.political-marketing.org (Links to an external site.)for a list of academic, practitioner and online resources including videos for a more detailed insight into the topic.


Coursework only


POLITICS 345: 15.0 points


30 points at Stage II in Politics and International Relations, or 30 points at Stage II in Communication.

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