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Political Management in Government


Political Management in Government seeks to prepare students for practising politics by preparing them for working in government. It explores how politicians and their staff use management tools to help them achieve their goals within the constraints and challenges of the governing environment.

Course outcomes

Academic learning outcomes

Students who have taken this course will:

  • Know a range of political management tools including public opinion research, strategy, branding, consultation and delivery management
  • Understand the complexities and challenges of political management in government
  • Be able to apply ideas from past practice and research to future situations and make recommendations for action

Employability skills

Whilst offering research-led knowledge typical of graduate courses, Political Management in Government also seeks to prepare students for practising politics. It develops graduate profile capabilities - themes such as disciplinary knowledge and critical thinking - by preparing them for working in government by developing skills such as:

  • Political skills– understanding of current issues through discussing current political situations and behaviour
  • Policy skills– understands context, applies objective reasoning, well-reasoned advice through writing the advisory report
  • Advisory skills – such as impartial neutral analysis and producing high quality reports by evaluating contemporary political behaviour using academic theory rather than personal opinion in the advisory reports
  • Analytical skills- can project future issues/scenarios through discussions and case study/report assignments
  • Communication skills – can deliver brief and concise presentations
  • Interpersonal skills– peer learning through small group work in seminars
  • Writing skills - report writing and the employability session on writing advisory reports
  • Professional workplace attributes– such as reliability, adaptability, able to work independently, respond well to feedback, and agility; through the courses stricter policies; new style assignments through the advisory reports, and learning cross-disciplinary theories and analysis


Coursework only

Availability 2020

Semester 2


Lecturer(s) Associate Professor Jennifer Lees-Marshment


POLITICS 704: 15.0 points

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