Intermediate Russian 1

Please note: this is archived course information from 2022 for RUSSIAN 200.


Course Overview

RUSSIAN 200 is designed for students who have completed RUSSIAN 101 or who have a comparable knowledge of Russian. The course revises the essential grammar of Russian covered in the first-year course: declension – the forms and meanings of the grammatical cases; conjugation – formation and government of verbs; verbal aspect; morphology for vocabulary building. This essential grammar is consolidated in context - through conversation practice, listening comprehension and the reading of a variety of authentic texts.


Russian at Stage II aims to equip students with a foundation sufficient to develop further proficiency in the language through subsequent independent use of Russian language sources – print and electronic media, general and specialised literature.

If you have no or limited knowledge of Russian please enrol in RUSSIAN 100 or RUSSIAN 100G. 

You will need to complete a Language Proficiency Declaration to ensure you are enrolling in the right course for your level. This will be provided to you through Student Services Online after you have enrolled.

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Availability 2022

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Richard Robin, Golosa: Book Two, 5th ed.

RUSSIAN 200 covers the first half of this same textbook-workbook package also used in RUSSIAN 201. Golosa combines a rigorous treatment of grammar with a communicative approach. The course is supported with extensive online audio and video resources.


Coursework only


RUSSIAN 200: 15 points


RUSSIAN 101 or approval of Academic Head or nominee


RUSSIAN 210. May not be taken if a more advanced language acquisition course in this subject has previously been passed