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Advanced Drama Directing

Please note: this is archived course information from 2018 for SCREEN 712.


Building on SCREEN 701 you will take the 5min screenplays you wrote last semester as a basis for a number of visual and performance based assignments that lead to your production and direction of a 5 to 7 minute final film. The building block assignments include a single shot scene with actors, a five shot 2-min scene/sequence with actors made in pairs and a staged live performance of a scene/sequence - all from your existing screenplays. An intensive first 6 weeks (a 4-hour seminar on Tuesday 1-5pm and a 4-hour seminar/workshop Thursday 1pm till 5pm [with curated feature film screenings straight after from 5.30pm]) leads to a 4 week shooting block, with the remainder spent in post-production.  Final films are due Tuesday 7th November. See course outline under "files".

Course Objectives

  • To introduce students to a variety of creative directing processes
  • To expose students to interpreting texts with performance and image in mind
  • To improve on principles of visual narrative, complex performance and bold creativity
  • To familiarise students with filmmaking tools and techniques
  • To give students an understanding of the complex manner in which technical components and performance come together to tell a story
  • To develop independence in creative practice (you will not have as much oversight as in previous classes; bridging the gap to a self-led filmmaker)
  • To establish core principles of the discipline required for on-going, personally meaningful, filmmaking practice beyond the achievement of a single short project


  • Single-shot film
  • Short film/scene
  • 2-minute scene staged (live performance)
  • 5-7 minute short film (without music)
  • Participation i.e., attendance, engagement, crewing, presentations

Provisional class limits for 2018: Enrolment is limited to 15 students, with selection based on eligibility for admission to a postgraduate programme in Screen Production and the qualitative evaluation of Portfolio submitted.

For information see (under postgraduate study) www.arts.auckland.ac.nz/screen-production

Availability 2018

Semester 2


Coordinator(s)  Jake Mahaffy


SCREEN 712: 30.0 points





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