Beginners' Spanish 2

Please note: this is archived course information from 2020 for SPANISH 105.


This course is for students who have already completed one semester of university level study of the Spanish language. It will consolidate and extend students’ knowledge of basic linguistic structures of Spanish and develop conversational competence. The four language skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing - are developed with basic acquisition of knowledge of the cultures and traditions of Spain and Spanish America, studied in the four class hours per week. Language learning is reinforced through in-class practice, audiovisual activities, aural and reading comprehensions, homework assignments and independent work using a richly populated course website. Attendance at all lectures is strongly recommended in order to benefit from interactive activities which help develop communicative skills and ensure steady progress.

There is extensive exposure to Spanish in class so that students become acquainted with its sounds and rhythm and continue increasing the vocabulary and grammar they need to express themselves in this language. We begin by learning how to plan a trip to interesting destinations and then learn how to discuss events of the past in several tenses. We describe the climate and weather of different places and review information on how to exchange information on travel in an airport, by bus and by other forms of transport. We then discuss health, sports and how to talk to the doctor, and we end by discussing historical events and recent news, reviewing the past tenses.


Coursework + exam

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Availability 2020

Semester 2


Coordinator(s) Dr Kathryn Lehman


Nuevo Ven I, Libro del alumno, Libro de ejercicios CD (Madrid: Edelsa, 2009). It comes with two CDs for audio practice.

Nuevo Ven 1. Workbook. (Unidades 9-15). It comes with one CD for listening exercises. The answers to the questions are provided at the end of the book so that you can check the accuracy of your work. 

Spanish-English dictionary (any good pocket edition).


Coursework + exam


SPANISH 105: 15.0 points


SPANISH 104 or 109


SPANISH 108.  May not be taken if an equivalent or more advanced language acquisition course in this subject has previously been passed.