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A practical application of your prior learning in key paradigms and issues in translation studies, presented in the form of a learning portfolio. Portfolios will contain 5 pieces of advanced translation work, involving at least 3 different text types (scientific, technical, legal, medical, literary etc). You may choose different levels of human-intervention, ranging from post-editing of machine translated texts to transcreation.

You will learn how to plan, perform and present your translations in order to share your learning process with other students. Guided by formative assessment of your work in progress, including professional translator comments, you will complete the portfolio which ranges from initial diagnostic test results to self-reflection of the completed translation. You are to choose a variety of text types as well as different levels of human-intervention, including post-editing of machine translated texts.  You are also expected to apply, analyse and defend different strategies used in your own translation work, taking into account surrounding contexts.  You will gain increased awareness of the process involved in translation from micro to macro perspectives, and will develop skills in the whole range of translation activities and learn how best to document and express your decision-making process.

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Availability 2019

Semester 1


Coordinator(s) Dr Wendy-Llyn Zaza


TRANSLAT 720: 30.0 points


TRANSLAT 712, TRANSLAT 719 and 30 points from FRENCH 720, ITALIAN 702, MĀORI 712, SPANISH 723, TRANSLAT 716, 717, 718, 726

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