Courses in Gender Studies

Bachelor of Arts - BA

Note: Gender Studies includes the following courses taught by other faculties: EDUC 714 Gender, Sexuality and Education; POPLHLTH 769 Interpersonal and Family Violence; PSYCH 319 Psychology and Gender; PSYCH 755 Gender, Power and Sexuality; SOCCHFAM 700 Domestic Violence: Challenges and Responses; SOCHLTH 756 Special Topic.

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Gender Studies
Course Title Available in 2024
GENDER 101 Gender: Global and Local Semester 2
Course Title Available in 2024
ENGLISH 102 Great Books: Seduction and Betrayal Semester 2


Bachelor of Arts - BA

Course Title Not taught 2024
ANTHRO 106 Global Sound Cultures: Musics, Places and People Not taught in 2024